Rhinoplasty Reviews

I had a rhinoplasty done by Dr. G in 2012, and I am absolutely thrilled with my results. My nose looks so natural and a million times better than it did before.

Dr. G is very knowledgable, patient, honest, and caring. I highly recommend him. And my sister just had a rhinoplasty by him this year too. We love Dr.G!

Best doctor ever :) so happy with my results I love it. I got my nose done and it's prefect!

The girls working here are so sweet and organized.

A lot of people do months of research and several consultations before choosing their surgeon. I researched a few doctors, but after looking through Dr. Grigoryants' website, the before-and-after pictures, and reading all the great reviews, I decided to go to him for a consultation. After meeting and speaking with him, I decided he was the surgeon for me. It has now been two years since he performed my rhinoplasty, and I am very happy with the result!

Before I had the surgery, I was always self-conscious about my profile (I had a very droopy and round nose). It really affected my self-esteem, especially in high school. I decided that I would get it fixed after I graduated, and that is exactly what I did. My self-esteem has greatly improved, and I don't even think about how my nose looks anymore; Dr. Grigoryants made it look very natural, and those who know that I've had the surgery have given me many compliments. I am so glad I did it, and I am extremely happy that I chose Dr. Grigoryants as my surgeon.

As a person, Dr. Grigoryants is very honest, and that is an incredibly important trait for a surgeon to have. Sometimes, we all want to look a certain way, but realistically, we have to realize that a certain idea we have in mind would not be the best thing for us. Dr. Grigoryants tells you truthfully what he believes would be the best decision for you as an individual. He also tells you exactly how he would perform the surgery and what he would fix or change, so you are not left wondering what the result would look like. Speaking of results, I would like to add that the best part of all this is looking at your own before-and-after pictures. It is great to see how your looks have improved.

Plastic surgery is life-changing. If you are considering it, I absolutely recommend Dr. Grigoryants. You will be very pleased and grateful that you chose him.

Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants is the best doctor you will find in Los Angeles. I HIGHLY recommend to come see this doctor for any of your surgeries. I have had friends, family and even I who had a rhinoplasty and am extremely satisfied with the results. Dr. Vladimir is extremely nice and remembers all of his patients when seen. I have had nothing but the absolute best experience working with this doctor. His prices are very reasonable and BELIEVE ME, I hated taking pictures, I always covered my nose when someone would take a picture of me but now? I love my nose and everything about it. Many of my relatives have went and gotten their rhinoplasty by Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants after me and also before me, tummy tucks, breast implants, Botox, also Fillers. It's been about 2 years since my surgery and from my own experience and many of those that I have taken there or suggested, I don't think we could be any happier. Dr. Vladimir is very professional and very polite. You will not be disappointed.

Dr. Grigoryants is an incredible doctor. He is very passionate about what he does and the results are amazing.

I am so glad I chose Dr. Grigoryants to preform my rhinoplasty, I have so much more confidence and have received nothing but compliments. The recovery was quick and easy. Dr and his staff really make you feel at ease and assure you that there is nothing to worry about. Dr spent a lot of time talking to me and listened to me when I explained what I wanted. He is a very honest, intelligent, and talented doctor. He really knows what he is doing.

I cannot thank Dr. Grigoryants enough for what he has done. The results are better than I could have ever even imagined, so natural and even improved my breathing. I highly recommend Dr. Grigoryants to anyone! Trust me, you wont regret it!

I really recommend Dr. Grigoryants.

I did my homework and researched many plastic surgeons in LA and found Dr. Grigoryants had a really impressive portfolio and an excellent repertoire. I ended up getting my rhinoplasty done by him and I couldn't be happier with the results. Dr Grigoryants made my awful broken nose PERFECT and helped my breathing too. He really knows what he's doing and has a keen grasp on aesthetics with an emphasis on precision. I'm so glad I went with him!

Everyone at the Verdugo Hills Hospital was really sweet. The process was 99% pain free for me. Sam the male nurse was incredibly gracious! :) (as was the anesthesiologist whose name I can't remember because he was doing his job well!)

Thanks so much Dr. Grigoryants! You've done an awesome job :)

I absolutely love my results! What a phenomenal plastic surgeon. When I decided to get rhinoplasty to fix my broken nose, Vladamir Grigoryants was my top choice - after hearing great reviews from various people. The entire process went so smoothly and the staff in his office were really sweet and gave me an earlier surgery date than I anticipated which worked out perfectly. Vladamir was so knowledgeable and skilled and just by looking at me and my facial structures, he knew exactly what to do. I didn't feel nervous about his suggestions but he was open to listening to what I had in mind. The day of surgery, I surprisingly was not nervous at all. I trusted him and the staff there and they made me feel extremely comfortable. Everything went smoothly after surgery and I was sent home. I didn't take any Vicodin at all because I didn't experience any pain. And while I did have bruising under my eyes, it went away in just 3-4 days. Everyone I saw was in disbelief that I got rhinoplasty due to how quickly I recovered. I was nervous at first about getting a nose job because I was worried about the results and if I would be happy with them. And as Vladamir Grigoryants reassured me, I was absolutely thrilled with the results. My breathing has drastically improved and I am getting so many compliments from everyone I see. I am honestly so glad I decided to go with him. Highly recommended!

Where is the 6th star? From their reception to billing to Dr. Grigoryants' unparalleled talent, this office is wonderful to work with. I had a couple billing issues with the labwork (through no fault of Dr. G's office) and they were nice enough to cover the bills for me because they exceeded what I was originally quoted. I don't know of any other doctor's office that would actually do that; but that's the beauty of them: they're *not* like every other doctor's office. Now onto the actual surgery and result. Dr. Grigoryants. Sir, you are not a surgeon, you are a true artist. You gave me the nose I look like I should have been born with. When I tell people I've had a cosmetic surgery they are shocked because of how natural and flawless it looks. I cannot thank you enough for how comfortable I am in my own skin now, and how high my confidence level has become because of your fine work.

I am absolutely in loveeeeee... I came in for a rhinoplasty and I got amazing results. I was in such a worry about the outcome but I knew it was something I had to fix anyway. He didn't promise me 100% and brag about how good he'll do it and how good its going to look. He told me I can only guarantee that it will be better than the one now. He's not the type to brag about any of hiw work. But just by the positive attitude I knew it would be great. The results are amazingggg better much better than what I even had in mind. I can't begin to describe how happy I am. Everyone has loved it. Even the patients he has had before absolutely love it. I had heard numerous amount of positive reviews and just knew right off the bat that he's the one to go to. The problem with my nose was mostly the tip, I didn't have a big bone or anything, my bone was straight and small but my tip was a bit fat, he shaved a little off the bone the top and the sides and made the nostrils smaller and the tip just beautiful. The nostrils are exactly identical which was one thing I was worried about and the tip is just gorgeous, I am absolutely obsessed. And most importantly the recovery was amazing, I didn't take one pill for pain, not one!!! My bruising was very very little and gone within 5 days, and as for the swelling I absolutely had none. The day of my surgery the hospital nurses were shocked on how well I looked right after surgery. Thank you so so much.

After months of online research, I decided to go see Dr. Vlad for a consultation for deviated septum/rhinoplasty. His photo galleries were the best I'd seen online and it seemed evident that he is very talented. Upon meeting this doctor I was impressed by his sharp and decisive knowledge of what would be needed for my revision rhinoplasty. Everyone who works in his office are kind and professional, most of all the doctor. His warmth and compassion signify a surgeon who loves what he does and is great at it. His nurses told me at the surgery center that he's the best even though they work with all the Beverly Hills surgeons. It doesn't surprise me at all that this doctor will soon be in greater demand as his reputation for excellence is quickly spreading. I just saw him on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and was proud to say, "there's my awesome doctor"! He is kind, talented, and will work with your individual needs, both aesthetically and financially. I feel lucky to have had him do my surgery for me because I know I was in good hands.

My surgery went amazingly well, and I really wasn't all that nervous. Although I did have some last-minute fears about letting go of my old nose. So I reached out to my sisters, Kathy and Kyle, before I made the big step that morning. After carefully considering and being well aware of my sobriety, Dr. Grigoryants and I—along with my other doctor—moved forward with my surgery.

I love my doctor. He made this a great experience for me! I felt quite reassured when I saw him that morning, rested and happy. His surgery room was clean, and the people he had working with him made me feel safe. All in all, it was a great experience!

Thank you for the job well done on my nose. I feel very fortunate to have found your practice because I was truly taken care of. Rhinoplasty was something I wanted for a long time, but I was very intimidated by the procedure and wasn't sure if I could trust anyone enough to pursue it.

When I met you for the first time, you made me feel so unbelievably comfortable that I didn't feel the need to even see another doctor. What I liked most about you is that you gave me a legitimate idea of the amazing work that you do, by giving me the opportunity to see many before and after photos of the noses you have done.

I love the fact that my nose looks completely natural. I'm very glad that you were the one that performed surgery on my nose. You are a wonderful artist and you have a remarkable talent. You have a good eye for aesthetics. I admire you so much for committing your life to medicine and changing the lives of many. I appreciate your kindness, patience and care. Thank you.

I don't have many words to tell you how happy and amazed I am at the way you made my nose beautiful and straight. I am really excited while waiting to see the final result after my swelling goes down. You have golden, magic hands that help to change people's self esteem in a single day. I am honestly really appreciative of your work. Not only have you changed the beauty of my face, but also you helped me to improve my health by making my nose wall straight so I can breathe better. I am very happy that I made the best decision by trusting you to do my rhinoplasty.

I love Dr. G. I had four previous nose surgeries done where each time the same doctor made it worse and worse until I could barely look at myself. Dr. G is my hero, he saved my self esteem and gave me everything I asked for. Don't look elsewhere if you want a rhinoplasty; he is the best of the best, and most importantly, he's more worried about the patient and getting you what you want than the money. His staff is great too. Top surgeon ever!

I can't say enough good things about my doctor. He performs closed rhinoplasty so that all incisions are placed inside the nose. There is no visible scaring. That was definitely a plus. His results are consistently beautiful. His website is full of before and after photos. It was comforting being able to see so many of his patients results. I was also able to get into contact with other patients of his, all who were just as happy with their new noses. I've yet to meet a patient of his that wasn't thrilled. He is easy to talk to and listens to what you have to say. He is honest and never once tried to up sell me on anything. This whole process was a blessing because it went smoother than I'd ever imagined. From the doctor to the nurses, everyone was great.

I chose Dr. G after literally years of browsing the web on dr.'s before and afters. Location wasn't an issue for me because I was willing to travel for the best results. Dr. Grigoryants' Before & Afters were the best I had ever seen not to mention he had over 100 rhinoplasty pics posted. After years of not liking my nose( because of it's disproportion, hump and deviated septum) I finally had my surgery and I couldn't be happier! I spent years researching the procedure and searching for "my doctor" when I stumbled upon Dr. G's website 2 years ago. I loved his before and afters and was convinced he was my guy. I live out of state but was going to be in Los Angeles. His staff was so nice they squeezed me in at the last minute. My consultation was great- he was very professional and friendly. Anyway, I LOVE my results and DR. G.! He is a true artist and I can honestly say he is the best! My results are exactly what we had discussed: natural, proportioned, symmetrical and awesome!

Hi, this is my very first review ever. But I was so compelled to share my happiness with the world! Also to let Dr G know how much I appreciate his time, skill, patience, and gifted hands. I recently had revision rhinoplasty, deviated septum, turbinate reduction. It's only been 6 weeks, and I'm very very happy with the result, on top of be able to breath. I've gained my confidence back, and I finally can move on with my life after two failed surgeries from another plastic surgeon. Dr G is the Best!!!!!

My boyfriend and I met with several surgeons before my nose surgery. Dr G clearly stood out as he had the best before and after results. I was able to talk to his rhinoplasty patients in his waiting room. They spoke very highly of him, as I do now. Dr G is very honest and professional. He spent a lot of time with me answering my questions before and after surgery. He crafted a beautiful and natural nose for me. I could not have asked for a better looking nose. I felt very safe having surgery with him. He is very good at what he does. I highly recommend him.

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