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Dr. Grigoryants,

When I met with Dr. Gregorian's (Grigoryants) very first time, I knew he is the doctor that I'm going to do my procedures with. He successfully did all my surgeries (3 of them), I was very pleased with results, since then I referred many friends to him, all of them were very happy with the results. He is very professional, highly knowledgeable, has great bedside manners, uses new techniques and state of the art equipment. And as a person he is very kind, friendly, understanding, and most importantly he's always available for his patients.

Thank you,

I had rhinoplasty and breast augmentation surgery with you back on December 29, 2015. I meant to do a 4 month follow-up but never got around to it. I am now 15 months post-op and I am extremely pleased with my results. I loved my nose the moment the cast came off and have loved it throughout this entire process. I just wanted to update you with pictures so you can see the progress. This has been a very good experience for me and has dramatically increased my self esteem and confidence. I know rhinoplasty is a difficult procedure and I feel blessed that I found a very capable surgeon who did an excellent job. I wanted to thank you for making this a good experience instead of a traumatic one.

P.S. He did my surgery November of 2008, Reconstructive and plastic.

I highly recommend Dr. Grigoryants. He is the consummate professional, cares about his patients and does absolutely beautiful work. His office staff is lovely (thanks Gohar and Lili), and I doubt one would be able to find a more competent, experienced and artistic surgeon. He is very prompt in returning emails and I never felt rushed throughout the entire process. He answered all of my questions, explained the process, and ultimately did an amazing job on my nose. I look forward to referring many friends to him and can do so with zero reservation.

I have had nothing but the most pleasant experience with amazing results.

It takes a gift to be a doctor and Dr. Grigoryants definitely has it. He's very skilled, professional, pleasant, with great bedside manners and unbelievable attention to detail. There is no better doctor in LA area.

He's patient to listen but not afraid to tell you that some things may not work for you and are not right for you. He has his patients' best interests and not in to make profit at any cost. I never felt rushed through a consultation. Neither does he sit and chat aimlessly. It's about business in a timely manner with respectful approach.

He's very responsive if you have any questions. Both I and my other family member are his patients and we have always been able to get in touch if we had questions.

Overall, I have great experience every time I come to his office and it's worth a 30+ mile drive. I just hope he doesn't retire too soon because that's where I'm coming for my facelift when I get older. :)

Dr. Grigoryants is a true artist and a top notch professional. He has performed a plastic surgery on 3 of my family members with excellent results. Ever since I have been referring many clients to him since I am in a related business. They all come back with great results and thank me for the referral. In the sea of many plastic surgeons in Los Angeles area, Dr. Grigoryants is trustworthy, skilled and has a great bedside manner. You also don't pay an arm and a leg to cover a fancy office overhead expense. I would wholeheartedly recommend.

Dr Grigoryants is a true artist. He is meticulous in detail and has an incredible eye when looking at his patients and knowing what will compliment them the best.

He is humble beyond words and that is why I wanted to share with you how talented he really is.

Dear Dr. Grigoryants,

I wanted to thank you once again for your wonderful work, dedication, kindness and consideration.

To be honest, I consulted 23 doctors here in Los Angeles. By looking at the excellent results of your previous work, and especially after you took the time to really consider my perspective, I immediately realized you would without a doubt be the best choice for me.

Thank you! You are not only an excellent doctor with a strong work ethic, but also a wonderful person in the treatment of your patients and otherwise.

I look forward to potentially working with you again in the future!

My experience was great from the very first consultation with Dr. Grigoryants. I knew right away that he was smart and not just trying to persuade me into having surgery. He gave me very helpful and honest information. I chose Dr. Grigoryants out of 4 other doctors I had consultations with. I felt so sure and comfortable with him. I was not nervous at all on my surgery day.

My biggest surprise was after my surgery. I had my surgery early in the morning, and late that evening, Dr. Grigoryants called to see how I was doing! I could not believe how caring he was. I would want to get more procedures done just because he is so great!

I cannot begin to thank you enough for your time, concern and compassion. My result to date is absolutely what I had hoped for and I can honestly say that once again I am happy.

Thank you for being so attuned to my needs, understanding, my concerns and above all else, being so very diligent in my care.

Dear Dr. Grigoryants,

I wanted to sincerely thank you for the beautiful job on my surgery. I could not be happier with the results. I appreciated your patience with answering all my questions, making me feel comfortable and preparing me for a smooth surgery.

I also want to thank you for your quick response to my emails and phone calls and check ups to ensure that I healed well.

Dr. Grigoryants was always polite with a no BS attitude. He was very clear about what he thought we should do and also listened to what I wanted as well. He took very good after-care of me. He responded to my emails quickly and Zara was very kind. She helped me with payment/ scheduling and all of my questions along the way. I am very happy with my experience.

I want to thank Doctor Grigoryants for his expertise and making my surgery painless.The doctor exceeded my expectations. He is very nice and kind. I am so happy I found him. Thank you Doctor Grigoryants ;-)

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